Science for Global Citizenship Update

Science for Global Citizenship (SFGC)

The SFGC project funded by DfID has developed a wealth of new material during its three years, including:

Young Inventors - Workshops for childrne aged 8-13 run during school holiday time

Young Inventors Schools Programme - A programme of lesson plans that can be run during curriculum lesson times; as an after schools club for Science and Technology; as a STEM activity or as a day ooff timetable activity.

Science Busking - training for teachers to put interative activities into lesson time and link the science learning to Poverty Reducation

CPD - A full day teacher training on 'What is Science For' activities.

The project also linked to the DEP Beacon project in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and Inspired Sisters ESOL group. This ran the very successful Wriggling Rangoli project and which was part of the Manchester Science Festival.