Global Express


DEP produced Global Express in partnership with the Panos Institute, London.  The project was funded by the Commission of the European Communities, Department for International Development and National Lottery Charities Board.  United Co-op and Oxfam GB funded special editions produced after the main project ended.
The project ran between January 1997 and February 2003, followed by occasional special editions, the latest of which was published in October 2005.

Brief overview

Global Express was a magazine resource exploring world events and global issues in the news.  It was produced for teachers of 8 to 14 year olds, and suitable for classroom use in citizenship, geography, literacy, English, PSHCE and RE.  Each edition contained background information, photographs, cartoons, maps, interviews, statistics, analysis, teaching ideas and activity sheets.
Global Express was developed to help young people gain a greater understanding of the context in which news stories from the developing world happen, and enable them to build links between their experience of life and their understanding of development issues.


Global Express aimed to address five key areas:


42 editions of Global Express were produced in all and are available to download below. If you have a yearly subscription with DEP you can order any edition in hard copy for free. 

Edition 1 Part 1. Global Express

Edition 1 Part 2. Global Express

Edition 3 Democracy in the International Context

Edition 4 Endangered Animals

Edition 5 Lethal Smog

Edition 6 El Nino

Edition 7 The Iraq Crisis

Edition 8 Children at Work

Edition 9 Football

Edition 10 Floods

Edition 11 Famine

Edition 12 Hurricane

Edition 13 Colombia, Quakes and Coffee

Edition 14 Monster Tomatoes or Bumper Harvests

Edition 15 Kosovo

Edition 16 East Timor

Edition 17 The Commonwealth Summit

Edition 18 Millennium

Edition 19 Asylum Seekers

Edition 20 Mozambique Floods

Edition 21 Zimbabwe

Edition 22 Olympics 2000

Edition 23 Climate Change

Edition 24 After the Earthquakes

Edition 25 Livestock Farming

Edition 26 Israel and Palestine

Edition 27 Protests, Rights and Citizenship

Edition 28 Beyond the Attacks

Edition 29 Argentina Sinks to Crisis

Edition 30 Zimbabwe. Electing a President

Edition 31 Child Rights. Children Speak at the World Summit

Edition 32 The Global game. World Cup 2002

Edition 33 Earth Summit 2002

Edition 34 Iraq. In Search of Resolution

Edition 35 Immigration. Refugees Welcome Here?

Edition 36 Forgotten Famine?

Edition 37 Media at War

Edition 38 Fairtrade

Edition 39 Tsunami

Edition 40 Justice in Africa

Edition 41 Cooperation 

Edition 42 Where to now.. to make poverty history?

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