Qualities of a good teacher

Education is imperative, and to ensure that students gain the most from it, the educator or teacher has to be competent and patient. Being a teacher is not easy, hence the reason why not everyone is cut out for it. A teacher’s responsibility is not limited to just teaching a class; the teacher has to understand every single student, develop courses to address everyone in class, and even sometimes play the role of a parent to the students. This is why every teacher should aspire to be the best. In case you are wondering what makes a good teacher, here are some pointers.

Properties of a good teacher

Have a sense of humor

Every teacher should have a sense of humor, and if possible be funny. Stuzavknlsandvlknsdklnvlkasndlvkndvasdvklnsalkdnvasdvdents enjoy a good laugh now and then, and to ensure that they like a class, the teacher has to try and be funny. A teacher should make jokes, and when the students make appropriate jokes, the teacher should laugh too. This creates a bond and enables the teacher to understand the students better.

Good communicator

A teacher has to be a good communicator, no compromise on that. He/she should find it easy to stand in front of a class and teach with confidence. This is crucial in gaining respect from the students and ensuring that they learn from the best.


A good teacher is one that is understanding and cares about the students. A teacher is bound to meet a lot of students from different backgrounds and as that is why knowledge is crucial. In class, a certain student might be hungry or sick, and the teacher should be understanding and help them in any way that they can.


Patience is very important, especially in the academic realm. When it comes to learning, not all students are gifted the same. Some are fast learners, while the others need more time to comprehend certain concepts. A teacher should be patient, and be able to accommodate all these students.

Good listener

This is a good trait that everyolcfkdlklfknldnslkfnlkndlfnlkdsnflkdsfdne should have. A teacher should be a good listener, and be able to listen to the students. This is a good way to ensure that the teaching is well received.

A teacher is like another parent to kids, and that is why they should always aspire to be better than they are already are. Academically nurturing students can only be done by the best.