The Value Of Development Education


Education is, indeed, the only tool that can be used to empower oneself and change the world for the better. Our parents would drum this saying into our heads until they would sound like a broken record. The truth is, they didn’t make any sense back then, but they do now. We are all grown up, and we have wisened up to learn the gravity of these powerful words that they spoke to us. Education is life and has to be taken very seriously for anyone to make it in life.

Through education, most people have managed to leave a solid legacy that we are working so hard to live up to. As young people, it’s time we put our vigor and youthful strength into good use. That is why the Development Education Research Centre continues to promote and make everyone realize the importance of learning.

Development education is the way to go, and we are about to see why.

What is development education?

jfjf5It is important for us to begin by knowing what is meant by development education. As the name suggests, this is a curriculum of some sort that is used in the enlightenment of the youth. This kind of learning can take place either within or without the confines of the classroom. Just to elaborate more on this, development education has a lot to do with helping young people discover themselves and what their rights are. Young people are taught about justice and how best to fight for it among other sensitive issues.

Development education is all about the youth because they are still young, energetic and vibrant. What’s more, this is a project that aims at tapping into the power of working in groups and laying the results on the table. This does not work that can be done at an individual level but requires many people to put their heads together. This way, they will be able to come up with lasting solutions to the issues faced by different members of the society.

The value of development education

Its value is immeasurable because the results outweigh the efforts put in. Development education has set the ball rolling for most of the youths that happen to be unemployed. They have finally found something useful to do with their lives and add value to themselves. This is in contrast with those that are out there getting wasted by all means.

When we look at the projects being birthed at a grassroots level, we can heave a sigh of relief knowing that our future is secure. It has often been said that the youth are our future and must be properly guided. For example, the projects that have taken center stage are the ones that are promoting awareness to the youth on the importance of abstinence and sexual purity. That’s not all, the youth are also being taught and trained on the harmful effects of drugs on their health and how to stay away from them completely.

Benefits of development education to society

gkgkj86Every member of the society has benefited greatly from the programs and projects put together through development education. Most of us can gladly attest to the fact that it has brought more good than harm. Since knowledge is power, most young people have had the rare privilege of finally discovering who they are not just on the outside, but the inside as well. This has helped them tap into the host of resources that have been buried deep inside them for the longest time.…